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If you have entered into covenant with the Almighty through the instructions (Torah) in his word, you have received of his Spirit. That Spirit is known in Scripture as the Spirit of Truth. He is God and he promises to lead us into ALL truth. If you haven't or do not know what God's covenant in the blood of Messiah is all about, we will gladly share those instructions with you so that as many of us as possible can prepare for the coming time of great trouble. There is true hope in these times, and it is all in knowing what YHVH has to say about all that is happening in the present-day world. We invite you to fellowship with us.

Francisco & Rosa Luna



                  A House Divided


                                                                        Francisco Gomez Luna


 As I walk around it and survey the overall condition of the house of faith in this generation, I find deep cracks in its walls that threaten to crumble it to its very foundation. This house, so grandly built over the period of centuries against tremendous odds, is showing signs of its inability to stand much longer. One would think that those odds are to be expected when facing a formidable enemy; and should not surprise us. And that is where the truth becomes evident.

All within the house point to an external enemy, that was long ago vanquished, and blame him for the deterioration of the house; but this is not entirely true. While it is true that the deterioration is a result of his work, it is hardly external. This, however, is a difficult concept to grasp because most folks within the house feel that they are in no position to judge; and furthermore, they find it easier to seek shelter by binding themselves to that support in the house that has the following words written on it: “Judge not lest you be judged.” 

Taken out of context, that support seems to say, “Don’t judge at all,” and that makes it a safe support to bind one’s self to because it shields one from the scrutiny of others due to one’s compliance to the non-contextual understanding of the writing on the support.  In context, what it really says is, “unless you are willing to be scrutinized, do not attempt to scrutinize.” This is important because it opens us up to dialogue and possible change through the discovery of error and our departure from it. To those who cling to that non-contextual understanding, there is nothing more terrifying than change. They will do whatever it takes to keep from facing reality. They will fallout with family, abandon friends, close their ears to the truth, and hide in any way possible to keep from being confronted by what they do not want to deal with ever. What a pity that some of those are men who hold sway over many souls. How will they answer for their decision to hold on to their “star” status rather than risking all to obtain and retain the truth? It would have been better for them to be nobodies, and tell the truth to a few, than to bask in the limelight of popularity and ignore the need for verification of what they had believed and were passing on as food to the people they influenced. God has declared there to be only ONE FAITH. (Eph 4:5) What will it take until we believe it enough to humble ourselves to that truth?

The “C” word (change) is the enemy in these peoples’ minds and it must be kept at bay regardless of all else. How can it possibly be true or acceptable if they did not think of it themselves? It is funny that religionists are always accusing humanists of believing that man is a god unto himself, and therefore the measure of all things in his own mind; and yet are slow to believe that truth extends beyond what they now comprehend.  It was proven by the religious leaders in the days of the Son of God’s sojourn on earth. It evoked persecution from those of the same mentality during the dark ages that used their “ecclesiastical” powers to squash any signs of dissention to their “accepted” doctrines and contrived norms. Galileo could tell us a few things about what it meant to stand on the wrong side of this mentality.  Wycliffe and his penchant for the translation of the Bible into English against the wishes of the dominant religion stands as a witness to what that mentality reacts like when opposed; especially by truth. The negative reaction to the rediscovery of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit early last century by those of the religionist mindset was documented and proved to be a venomous one that did all it could to discredit something we know today to be genuine.

Until that which is perfect has come, however, we must continue to expect change because it is the only element that can transform us into that perfection that is coming. Creatures of habit…nah, tell it to those who do not believe in the power of the Spirit of the Living God. If we are to function righteously in this time of change, the time has come for each member of the family to remove the bib and learn to chew. Unless we do so, we will be relegated to FFV territory. (Five Foolish Virgins Mat.25) The Kingdom Covenant is about individual priesthood and intermediaries are not welcome or necessary in the kingdom. The Lamb of God paid a great price for the right to be the only intermediary between God and man. Since He is the one true God in Human form, to be in Him is to be in God, and that to me spells RELATIONSHIP, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and EMPOWERMENT.  In the Kingdom of God, every single member of the royal family is directly related to the King and can be directed by the King personally. (Heb 8:10, 11) This is the reason He came to exchange His righteousness for our sin in an earthly body. (2Cor 5:21) This is what places us in a position to be filled with power from the King Himself. (Acts 1:8) This is what constitutes us a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, a Chosen Generation, and members of the commonwealth of Israel, which is the kingdom being restored. This has never been about anything else but the kingdom.

The problem is that the funny little wooden house of faith built by those undiscerning souls over the past few centuries looks a lot like the house they came out of in Babylon and that is why it must crumble. Once again God will deliver a remnant by pruning the vine of its dead branches. All of those dead branches that have placed their faith in an abominable system that tries to mimic the Levitical system by placing Human intermediaries between man and God will be pruned. These are dead works that do nothing but stumble people and use them for gain and they are impeding the progress of the kingdom and their house of wood, hay, and stubble is about to collapse.

But just as the battle has been hard-fought and hard-won in every past generation, so shall it be in this one. It will take the courage of Abraham to believe God over all else to make it out of that house to freedom just as it took that same courage to get him out of the safety and comfort of his family to where God wanted him. Surely the enemy is within the house that has been pretending to be the house of faith for many generations. But we are called to come out of her so that we suffer not her plagues.  The true Gospel is a Gospel about a kingdom and all that pertains to the Gospel pertains exclusively to the kingdom. There is no safety outside of the kingdom and it cannot be entered into by accident or unknowingly. This is indeed a decisive time! We are in the valley of decision!  We must decide for ourselves whether we will accept the Covenant God has offered us in the blood of His Son and go on to discover the truths of the kingdom, or whether we will remain bound to the pillars in that house, which we feel are safe. 

This is the reason that the wooden house of faith must crumble and burn: It has been built upon the foundation that belongs to the kingdom. There is a Temple under construction on this foundation and that funny little wooden house fits neither the material requirements nor the dimensional ones. It has served only one purpose; to keep the living stones imprisoned by it from seeing their rightful place within the Temple. But the light of day is now rapidly approaching it and the heat will burn all its inconsistencies away and the fire will purify the living stones and place them in proper order after it burns the remains of that house from the foundation to reveal the true beauty of the Temple in which God will live forever. The Temple is one and all its living stones have been set in place by God Himself. The kingdom is almost fully restored. Will you be a part of it? Do you know who you are, where you came from, how you got here, what is coming, or where you're going; or do you even care to know?

Francisco Gomez Luna (Ydidyh Ben Yisrael)