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Blessed be the name of Yahshua! Another week has come and gone and it is time for the newsletter to go out once more. I praise the name of our Redeemer, Benefactor, Provider, Defender, Protector, and Healer who reigns forever more! Thank you Father for allowing us another week of living in your presence and for giving us the privilege of knowing your mercy and experiencing your benevolence through the many ways in which you demonstrate to us your perfect and righteous goodness.

“As the Tanahk (Old Testament) puts it, ‘Look, I am laying in Tziyon a stone that will make people stumble, a rock that will trip them up. But he who rests his trust on it will not be humiliated.’”

Romans 9:33 CJB (Complete Jewish Bible)



Two thousand years ago, the religious people of that day who were in positions of authority caused many to stumble over this stone. His name was and is Yahshua Messiah. They stumbled because the leaders desired to establish their own righteousness rather than honor God’s. They made the mistake of rejecting the only one who could redeem them from their sins and give them eternal life. They were offended by His teachings and because they saw themselves as having already arrived at justification by their own works, they looked down on the One who spoke truth and lived it. They could not fathom the idea that this “son of a carpenter” could dare try and tell them that they were wrong in their perception of the truth. Such was their contempt for him that they schemed and searched until they, according to them, found a way to rid themselves of this “thorn” in their side.


We observe those things from a distance of two thousand years and our initial question is, “how could they have been so evil and coldhearted?” Throughout the history of the “church,” however, other equally coldhearted men have persecuted the Jewish people while hiding behind a façade of “Christianity.” They have not acted any differently than those first religious leaders did. If anything, they have behaved worse. The problem then, is not who has done what to whom. The real problem is that Satan and his way of thinking govern the people who do these things. That’s why the Bible calls him “the devil and his angels.” Just as God’s angels are “ministering spirits sent forth on behalf of those who are the heirs of salvation” (Heb. 1:14), Satan’s angels are destructive spirits sent forth to ensure the perdition of those who obey them.  Scripture says our war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against evil rulers. I ask you, where are those evil rulers? They are in the minds of those who hate and attack those who do not conform to their way of thinking. Because they live on a mental diet of Satan’s lies, spewed forth by the diverse fountains of filth and lies, which this world has. There are those who go to church faithfully, but cannot stand those of a different race. Why is that? Because they spend their time listening to those who preach hate by music, literature, and motion pictures. They pattern their lives after those things instead of after the Master. Because their church does not hold them accountable for what they believe, they can come and sit on the day of service and delude themselves into thinking that all is well between them and God. What they do not know is that God’s wrath is upon them and that if they were to die this moment, they would “split hell wide open.”  “God cannot be mocked, whatsoever we sow, that shall we also reap.”


The world is so reluctant to believe that the devil is running rampant through this world in a fit of fury because he knows his time is short. Everyone would sooner believe that this is something that will pass and that things will get better as the world becomes more “civilized.” There will never come a time when man will solve all his problems exclusive of God and His word. There is a reason that Scripture says, “ Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”


But the saddest part of all is that many of those who profess to know God deny this very principle. They mix in with the world and do not realize the need for setting themselves apart from the practices and diversions of the world. They are led like sheep to slaughter because they love this world more than they love God. They either have never been taught or have rejected the word that says, “ Come out from among them ye my people and be separate.”


The time has come to be separate and holy unto the Lord! There is a great shaking coming and all who are not firmly attached to Him will fall away. When that great time of tribulation comes, what will you do? If you’re placing your hope on a supposed “rapture,” I’m here to warn you so that you may live. The greatest love I can show you is to tell you the truth. I have nothing and want nothing to gain from you that could make me lie to you. My very soul depends on my being truthful, especially concerning the things pertaining to our God.


Why is the need for separation so important? That is a subject that requires a substantial amount of investment in terms of time. It concerns who we are, where we are, what our purpose is, and where we are going. I leave you with the following Question.


Have you entered into covenant with God?


For it is written:

“For this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” says YHWH:

“ I will put my Word in their minds and write it on their hearts; I will be their God, and they will be my people.”


Grow in the knowledge of His Word and be blessed.

Shalom Aleichem (Peace be unto you)

  Ydidyh Ben Yisrael






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