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                                                                       “Don’t we all have the same father? Didn’t one God create us all? Then why do we break faith with each other, profaning the covenant of our ancestors?”

Malachi 2:10



The question posed to us by the prophet forces us, if we seek understanding, to reflect upon our spiritual birthright. Some, to the detriment of their own eternal security, may not choose to recognize the facts of this birthright and may in fact do so due to their allegiance to the organization or denomination to which they belong. Some may do so out of fear brought on by a lack of knowledge of the word of God. It is easy for the enemy of our souls to influence us with this fear when we don’t understand who we are and where we stand.


But Scripture says,” God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of Love, of Power, and of a Sound Mind.” 2Tim.1:7

If the Spirit that is God does indeed live in us, then fear is no longer the standard by which we measure our ability to perceive and understand the deepest of truths. In fact, are not the fearful or cowardly, refused entry into the kingdom of God itself? Rev. 21:8


Faith, in its verb form, is the act of believing, trusting, and relying upon God’s word. How can we ever grow in faith if all we ever care to know is that which is approved and accepted by our denomination? Believe it, or not, God could not care less what the name on the door of our building is. He does not reside in buildings made by man. We are the living stones that make up his temple and individual temples ourselves for his inhabitance! We do not go to the house of God; we are the house of God. 1Pet. 2:5


It is, therefore, our personal understanding and correct perception of our God which matters to him. If this is in accordance with his word, then we find unity of faith. And why shouldn’t it be? Did not One Spirit inspire and cause Scripture to be written? This is where the importance of our birthright becomes most evident. 

The question is posed, ”don’t we all have the same father?” That, in terms of the new birth, is something only the individual can answer. The question is, “how can I know that this is so?” In Genesis 15:8, Abram (not yet Abraham) asked precisely the same question. One might think it to be rather presumptuous of him to question God thus, yet God understands perfectly what Abram needs to document the validity and surety of this promise, made to him by God, so that he may pass it on to future generations.


God then establishes a Covenant with Abram that contains specific instructions for Abram to comply with. In doing so, he enters into the immutable promise and secures that promise for all his seed after him with the proof of it being the particulars or details of the covenant.


Enter the second part of Malachi’s question. “Didn’t one God create us all?” He is not speaking to anyone outside the nation of Israel at that time, but the question is now posed to all those of us who have come to partake of the same salvation, regeneration, or new birth that was first announced in Jerusalem by Jews to Jews, and then to all the Gentile nations of the earth.


 To paraphrase the question, “how did you and I come into the new birth?"  By what documentation can you or I offer proof of God’s immutable promise as being ours personally? Do we not know, or do we not believe, that this promise of salvation is secured by means of a Covenant? That is precisely what the words New Testament allude to.


The question, then, deserves repetition. “Didn’t one God create us all?” Are you a new creation in Christ? How do you know other than by emotion that you have entered into that covenant established by the blood of the Lamb for our redemption? To enter into that covenant is to be created anew by God. That is why it is written, “if anyone be in Christ, that person is a new creature…” II Cor. 5:17   Is not the Spirit of God witnessing to you at this very moment as to the truthfulness of this?


If it is the desire of our heart to walk with God, then I think this question poses somewhat of a dilemma in our spirit if we find ourselves lacking knowledge concerning the very thing that secures our eternal future. If there is a covenant we must enter into in order to be saved, then wouldn’t it make sense to ensure that we have complied with its demands in order to claim its promises?


We can deny the truth and shun it if we want to, but if we do, we’re denying and shunning the very one who said, “ I AM the TRUTH!” JN 14:6


The Lord is doing a new thing in our day and it has been in the plan since before the foundation of the world.  It is now that Malachi’s words resound so loudly.

 “Then why do we break faith with each other, profaning the covenant of our ancestors?” Do you know what family you belong to? There are only two! There are the children of God and the children of the god of this present age. We were all children of the spirit of disobedience at one time, but the Bible tells the people of God that now we are God’s children. And yet, we do not seem to realize how important the covenant of our ancestors is.


 If I am adopted by God into his family and that family all came into the kingdom by the same door which is Christ, then I am breaking faith with my ancestors in God’s family if I determine to enter the kingdom by whatever means I choose and thus profane, or in other words, commit sacrilege against the covenant God made with them and, through them, with us.


That is the reason there are so many different sects, denominations, cults, and faiths. We’ve woven a web so extensive that we now find ourselves perplexed at the very idea of sorting anything out. So we choose instead to compromise with each other to try and repair the breach by means of a unity based on compromise. The result is a fragile unity that shatters as easily as cease-fire accords in the Middle East.


The body of Christ cannot enter into the fullness of its God-given glory and will not attain its perfect maturity until we all realize what demands God has inserted into his covenant for man and humble ourselves to those demands because they are his and only he has eternal life.


Will you be satisfied to allow someone else to soothe your conscience by telling you that it is not necessary to do this or that, and that all roads lead to heaven? Will you gamble with God’s gift of eternal life by allowing someone else to define your faith for you? We are no longer in the dark ages! We have no excuse for allowing any darkness or lack of knowledge to exist in our minds. In fact, we are transgressing if we live on assumption, presumption, and hearsay.


I am not asking you to believe in me! I am not interested in a position on your pedestal. My reward will come from my father. I’m only interested in being a blessing to the body of Christ while I’m passing through this sin-riddled world that sits in decay and in proximity to extinction. Believe God and honor him by taking the time to find the truth. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed if your heart is sincere with God. I am just a voice proclaiming that truth is available and that the truth is the only agent that God has authorized to set us free. If you forsake the truth, it will forsake you on that day. Am I speaking fear into your heart? I would hope so! The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Wake up beloved, the bridegroom comes! Let not your lamp be empty when he appears.

Shalom Aleikhem,

Francisco G. Luna

Ydidyh Ben Yisrael





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