Choosing a Keyword for SEO Success – Focusing on Your Intended Use

Choosing a keyword for SEO is the key to optimizing your website for maximum traffic and success. Unfortunately, there are so many different terms on the internet that it can be confusing to know which term best describes your business. I will give you a starting point: keywords. To start, you should choose a keyword for me that you think users will be using to find your website, and which keywords you want your site to rank for in Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

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Obviously you should already have an idea what those keywords are. To know which keywords will suit your purposes, check out the keyword list for the biggest search engines. On the first page (or, if your niche has specific needs, the homepage) of their site, look for the words or phrases that your business is based around. If you do not see your keywords there, then you have to work harder to find them. Google’s list is highly specialized, and each search engine uses a different list.

A very good way to find keywords that are highly relevant to your business is to focus on the first half of the phrase, and try to rank for those keywords. For example, if you were selling shoes, you could focus on “shoes,” or, if you were focusing on health and fitness products, you could focus on “health and fitness” or “fitness.” Another great tool to help you focus your keywords is Google’s keyword research tool.

This tool allows you to see how often different keywords are used, and gives you a guide on how to optimize your content by including these highly relevant keywords. Focus on your first keyword (most relevant secondary keywords), and your SEO will take off!