Cloud Based Solutions – What Do They Mean?

Cloud based services are various tools like applications, storage, and networks. They are generally accessed via the Internet or some cloud computing virtual infrastructure. The basic definition above is quite good but the more detailed definition of cloud based services has a very wide scope. Services offered by cloud services are fully automated over the Internet and therefore the entire process is called online computing. Online computing includes various other processes like provisioning of machines, provisioning of networks, securing data, etc.

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There are two types of cloud based solutions: on-demand and off-demand. The on-demand is also known as SaaS. The basic idea behind on-demand cloud computing is to offer hosted services that are not consumed on a monthly basis. Thus this type of service can be used to create test labs, prototypes, and simple training websites for a short period of time. If your website generates heavy traffic, you can use the on-demand service to optimize the website for a better search engine ranking. The basic advantage of on-demand cloud based solutions is that they do not require maintenance, monitoring, or upgrades hence they are easy to implement.

The off-demand method of cloud based solutions is completely different in its nature. You will be able to acquire this service only if you have significant IT resources. With the help of off-demand services, many companies can easily focus on their core business areas and still make a significant profit margin.