Green Salad Dressing

For years, Americans have enjoyed the taste and comfort of a great green salad. Rich with taste, variety, and nutritional benefits, it can be a healthy fix for lunch or dinner – or even as a snack. One key ingredient to this all-time favorite is the lettuce. One way to do this is to incorporate various types of lettuce with different flavors, textures, and colours to compliment contrasting flavours, colours, and textures. The most popular types of lettuce used for green salads are iceberg, green leaf, romaine, and red leaf.

Tomatoes are another integral part of a green salad. Although there are many varieties, a favourite amongst them are red and green onions. These two types complement each other in spiciness and heat and add a satisfying crunch to any recipe that calls for it. Typically, tomatoes will be combined with either bell pepper onion, garlic, or mushrooms to provide a more complex taste and colour – though you can certainly include other flavors as well, just be sure to balance your recipes with these flavours rather than overpowering them.


The final component of this delectable dish is the dressing. There are many different types to choose from, but two stand out as the classics – mayonnaise and salad dressing. Each brings something different to the table and can be used as a replacement or in addition to one another. For instance, mayonnaise is an excellent choice for hydrating the body and providing a touch of tang to the salad greens. Salad dressing goes well with romaine, green leaves, and iceberg lettuce to bring out the natural colours of the leaves. Mixing the right ingredients, the result is a healthy green salad that everyone will love.