How Much Money Do You Need to Start an Affiliate Business?

How much money do you really need to start an affiliate business on the Internet these days?

It’s a tricky one because there are many different business models and different types of affiliate marketing that you could do, for example you could create a landing page and run traffic to this page using Facebook ads which may be very expensive for a beginner to start who does not know much about paid advertisement. On the other end of the spectrum you could create your very own website for as little as $10 per year by purchasing a domain name and using free web hosting.

So the simple answer to the question is that you can start an affiliate marketing business for as little as $10 per year which covers the cost of your domain name and using free web hosting however I recommend that you use a premium web hosting service which often costs around 5 US dollars per month.

So if you went down the paid route you would be purchasing a domain for $10 per year plus the web hosting fee of $60.00 per year which would mean that you could start an affiliate marketing business for as little as $70.00 per year and this is making use of free traffic using Google search engine optimization and affiliate links on your website an example would be sending these people off to a ClickBank product or an Amazon associates link and taking a commission on any sales.

If you want to see fast results then you will need to do paid traffic and this can be expensive, to give you an example you may be paying one or $2 per click on a Facebook ads or Google ads campaign which can add up dramatically if you get say 100 clicks per day.

Ultimately if you are making more money than you are spending through your affiliate offers then this is a great method for you, however most people will spend a lot of money on their first advertisement campaigns before they actually make any money through their affiliate programme.

Additionally, to this unfortunately some people will never make any money with affiliate marketing and they will likely spend money on paid ads or money on their website as well as a lot of their time and effort and see no results.

Like any business some businesses are more successful than others and others require additional work or may fail. Choosing a course which can help you with the basics as well as provide additional mentorship in a group or community environment can definitely help with succeeding in the affiliate marketing business, one such course is called Savage affiliates and is available to purchase online you can read a full review of this course on the imrhys blog.

Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone, and you may wish to consider other online business models such as dropservicing, dropshipping, social media agency or day trading.