If you have a child that is into pirates, why not have a pirate

If you have a child that is into pirates, why not have a pirate themed treasure hunt? Your children will love it and so will their friends. There are many ideas from recent popular movies you can use and incorporate into your treasure hunt. When you first start to plan the treasure hunt, start with the treasure. You will need to figure out what the treasure will be and where to hide it. When you have the treasure hidden, then you can make a map and clues that will lead them to the treasure. The clues are usually in the form of riddles which need to be geared toward the age of the child.


When hiding your treasure you need to make it look like the area has never been disturbed. One of the best places to hide a treasure is under rocks or a pile of leaves. This way you can easily make it look like you have never been there. Make sure the clues are within the reach of the child and are not too difficult for younger children to find. It is also important when hiding clues outside that the objects you are hiding are not going to appeal to the local wildlife or the squirrels might find those peanuts before your scavenger hunters. This is the first step to having a successful treasure hunt.

When making a kid’s treasure hunt try to keep the clues simple and the hunt short. You don’t want kids getting frustrated and giving up before the treasure is found. You can do many different things like having more than one way to find the clues or to have the children work in teams. There are numerous ways that you can setup a treasure hunt. When planning a party for younger children the easiest way for you and the kids would be a treasure map. You just have to draw a map with some landmarks on it that direct the way to the treasure. For younger children, it might help to have the map color coded and to have a flag with the corresponding color placed at the location to compensate for the varied map reading skills of younger children.

When making your treasure map you can come up with a unique and funny story on how the treasure map came to be in your possession. An option might be adapting a story from a popular children’s book. This is something that shouldn’t be skipped. It can be a lot of fun telling the story and you might be able to slip in some clues as to where the treasure is hidden.

A treasure hunt is fun for both you and the kids. Just keep things simple if you have young kids. Take the time to do some research before you begin planning the treasure hunt. You can develop ideas on how to make the map, the story, and even how to hide the treasure itself.