It is a common belief that natural cotton is the most environment-friendly

Nature is a source of human benefit and the main source of our basic requirements. Today, the trend is toward preserving the natural world. With this trend, fashion shifts in the fashion of textiles from synthetic products to sustainable ones. The consumer demand is changing too, shifting from conventional cotton and polyester to eco-friendly clothes.

These kinds of eco-friendly clothes are made from various products such as Lycocell, Ingeo, Organic cotton, Hemp, Bamboo and Soy. The fiber made of wool-pulp cellulose is referred to as Lycocell. It’s a great alternative to rayon.

Hemp fibre does not need pesticides. Only a tiny amount of water is sufficient to produce the fiber.

Ingeo is a fiber made from biodegradable material. It is a fiber made by humans by making to polymer from corn. Organic cotton is the type of material that is created making use of organic substances. It is free of pesticides during its production. It is also worth noting that the amount of water utilized is 25% less than the amount that is typically used in cotton production.

The fabric made from bamboo feels soft, and comes with antibacterial qualities. The fabric produced by using various soy products such as soybean oil, soy milk and so on are similar to silk in appearance and feel.

All of these eco-friendly products are made with less water than other materials. They are made without any pesticides and bio-degradable material. Therefore, even the working surroundings is beneficial to the health of workers.

It is a common belief that natural cotton is the most environment-friendly. However, only those cottons that are eco-friendly in their production process where there aren’t any pesticides or chemical fertilizers are employed. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers pollute the soil and affect the environmental health. In the case of dyeing cotton with chemicals, the dye is contaminated with heavy metals. The heavy metals in the process contaminate soil and the crops. Therefore, the cotton made from these materials isn’t eco-friendly. The only materials and fabrics that are eco-friendly are referred to as eco-friendly that are not harmful to the natural environment in any way and are not harmful to the environment, the water or soil.

Soy fibers are the fibers that come from soybean plants. In 1999 soybeans could be utilized in a different manner. He created underwear using fibers of soybean plants. It was a great and cost-effective alternative to traditional cloth. The cloth was soft to the touch and was well-liked throughout both the U.S. and Europe. China is the largest exporter and producer of soy-based fabrics around the world, and it is increasing day by day.