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                                           We Have Forgotten

                                           Pollution and Pretense                                       

                                           Singer of Pretty Songs

                                           Hagar or Sarah?

                                           The King Who Didn't "Get It."

                                           Who Truly Owns the Promised Land?

                                          Why the Promised Land is Still Divided

                                           A People in Transition

                                           Passover or Easter; Holy or Profane?

                                            One Master


                                            A New Generation


                                            Who Do You Say that I am?

                                            Don't We All Have The Same Father?

                                            God is Our Refuge and Strength!

                                            Stone in Tziyon

                                            IF, we forgive

                                           Presumption, Assumption, and Blindness.

                                            No Compromise




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