Loyal Affection of the British Cat Breed

The British Blue is a lovely cat with a very nice long flowing coat. The British Blue originated from Great Britain and is a solid colored breed with metallic blue eyes and a medium sized body. Most have some blue in the fur of all colors except the white. When properly groomed, the British Blue is very beautiful.

Most British cat breeds are somewhat smaller than their American counterparts, but they still make a great pet. British Cats are very protective of family and will often become a guard or aide to the elderly or other younger family members. They are also known to be quite aloof and reserved towards strangers and other animals.

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A lot of people are not aware that most British cats are purebred. The reason for this is because they are not mass produced like many other breeds are. This means that each cat has been carefully bred and temperamentally tested to ensure the best possible result. This results in very affectionate and intelligent cats that truly enjoy being with humans. British Cats are truly great pets and it will be hard to find any fault in them.