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Looking for biblical answers instead of traditional ones? Tired of the same old emotional roller coaster instead of spiritual substance?

Our newsletter, Kingdom Thoughts, will encourage and challenge you to think for yourself.

If you have entered into covenant with the Almighty through the instructions (Torah) in his word, you have received of his Spirit. That Spirit is known in Scripture as the Spirit of Truth. He is God and he promises to lead us into ALL truth. If you haven't or do not know what God's covenant in the blood of Messiah is all about, we will gladly share those instructions with you so that as many of us as possible can prepare for the coming time of great trouble. There is true hope in these times, and it is all in knowing what YHVH has to say about all that is happening in the present-day world. We invite you to fellowship with us.

Francisco & Rosa Luna




                                                                                                    One Master, One Belief, One Hope



                                                                                 (Eph. 4:4-6)


"There is one body and one Spirit. In the same way you were called to share one hope. There is one Master, one faith, one baptism, one YHWH and Father of all, who is over everything, through everything, and in everything."




If we truly take the time to understand what we have just read, it will have one of at least two effects upon us. 1. We will look around us and realize, in all sincerity, that the prevailing reality in the world of Judeo-Christian believers is nothing like what we just read. Because of it, a feeling of hopelessness will grip some as they perceive the impossibility of reconciling the reality to what is written. 2. We will seek to understand how God will bring forth perfect unity out of all this chaos because we know that his word never fails. That is what will draw us deeper into the Word.

The path we choose will take us in the opposite direction of the one we chose not to take.  I am in awe as I get a strong witness that this is the way in which the "ministering spirits" (angels) (Heb. 1:13, 14) will carry out their task of separating the wheat from the tares. (Mat. 13:39)

It is common for people to seek the "path of least resistance" in just about everything we do. We enjoy our instant coffee, pancakes, oatmeal, communications, etc. The faster something accomplishes our intended task, the happier we are with it. I am personally thrilled by an Internet connection that will allow me to download or send a gigantic file in a couple of minutes. It makes my work that much easier. I can't say much for instant oatmeal, though!

In our relationship with the God of the universe, there is no substitute for fellowship. There is no shortcut to understanding. There is no other way to comprehend his plan other than to spend time with him! It is sad to think that we do not realize this until the time of reckoning is at hand. We have all been at that place in our lives where something unexpected has happened and we are left with only the stress of uncertainty. Something occurred that we were not ready for and did not expect to happen. What a devastating blow it delivers to our morale! We feel as though the wind was knocked out of our sails permanently and nothing will ever again be the same.

That's when people turn to God or away from him. That is when God is either the source of comfort through faith or the target of blame through peoples' ignorance. That may sound cruel, but I can attest to the fact that inconsistency in our fellowship with his word will show up during these times.

I was on my way to the Austin, Texas area in the process of doing my job when it happened to me. It was the last thing I was expecting that day as I rolled along highway 71 on my way to complete another run from San Angelo. It was a few days before the spring of 1997 and cell phones were still somewhat of a novelty. I had mine hanging from a bracket above the windshield. When it rang, I knew it was my wife. I never expected to hear her next words, "You need to come home immediately." I asked, "What is wrong? Are you and Christine all right?" She labored to get the next words out as she said, "It's your dad; he was found dead."  I asked, "Did he die in his sleep?" Again she fought her emotions in order to speak. She answered, "No, he shot himself." I felt my world shatter as I remembered the times I had knelt beside my bed and asked God to save my dad and give him the peace and joy to be able to live out the rest of his life without fear and regret. I just knew that if he came to the saving knowledge of God, and his life was transformed, he would be a much different person than he was; so filled with negativity and doubts.

I was so utterly overwhelmed by the news that I pulled into the nearest wide spot on the highway and stopped the truck. I laid my head on the steering wheel and cried uncontrollably. The first words out of my mouth to my God were, "How do I reconcile this to my faith?" Something in me was shattering and I did not have the wherewithal to stand in light of it. I gathered myself to the best of my ability and finished my task and went home.

Over the next few days, as we went through the process of making funeral arrangements, I was in a state of shock and while others perceived it as strength, I alone knew how deeply disappointed I felt. It fell to me to officiate at my father's funeral and Abba alone helped me to do so. I knew his presence was palpable in the chapel when I looked up and saw people wiping the tears away during the message. None of that did anything to comfort me for very long.

When it was over, I fell into a spiritual coma in which I began to retreat from my fellowship with my God. I had no desire to read his word, pray or sing the songs of Zion. Soon after, I went back to driving a truck from coast to coast. I met other believers during orientation with the company I chose, and after some sharing, one of them asked me a question, "What are you doing here instead of in the ministry?" I answered that I was waiting on God's time, but deep down I could feel myself losing ground in my faith and I didn't know what to believe. I worked for this company for a couple of months but left them to take a job as an instructor in a city near San Angelo.

The men I worked with were all men who had no relationship with God. I began to blend in with them and began to distance myself from anything that would distinguish me as a believer. I removed stickers from my vehicle and began acting and speaking as a person who had never known the mercy of God.  I was angry with my dad, angry with God, confused, and determined to never trust him again. I supposed that what I had done earlier in my life had placed me in a position of a persona non-grata with him. I figured I had spent all this time seeking him in vain. He didn't listen to me! Who was I trying to fool?

 I began drinking with the guys and that led to a downhill slide in my behavior. Over the next four years, I almost destroyed my marriage and found myself in a position where I had to make a decision whether to go all the way and take that last step or rein in my madness.

Father had reached out to me from time to time through someone, in a song, in a dream, or just through my own thoughts. I knew it was him warning me not to continue down that path when I considered leaving my wife of 30 years to follow the desires of my flesh. Slowly but surely, it came down to a decision that had to be made. I was exhausted by then due to all the stress of seeing the pain I was causing my wife. She had been praying for an answer as to what she should do. Other prayer warriors had joined in agreement with her for our deliverance.

It worked! I came to the conclusion that I could not carry out this great betrayal to its disastrous end and made the decision to come home and be a husband to my wife and a father to the granddaughter we were raising.

It was October of 2001 and I came home to try and make a living building and repairing computers and providing other business services. I knew it had been Father who had stopped me from going over the cliff into the abyss, but I was so afraid that I had gone too far for him to ever regard me as worthy of participating in the ministry, which has been my passion since I first knelt at his feet and asked for his forgiveness in 1974.  But instead of pushing me away or placing me on "probation", he began opening up the Scripture for me and I began to see things I had never seen before.

One day he brought the word to my heart that says, "The soul of the father is mine and the soul of the son is mine. The soul that sins, it shall surely die."  I sat and wept as I suddenly realized the true meaning of sovereignty. I had no right to question the Almighty concerning anything, yet he had overlooked my confusion and restored me by returning me from the path to destruction. That one word in opportune time made me realize just how awesome his majesty is and how foolish I had been. It also taught me to rely on him in a way I had not known before.

Over the past ten years, I have learned what I could never have if not for YHWH's mercy that endures forever. He taught me the true meaning of righteousness and taught us both to trust in him through financially devastating times that made us question what we had done wrong, but kept us trusting in him. We learned to wait upon Abba and saw his hand of provision make a way where there seemed to be no way. We have tasted that YHWH is good and do testify that,

"Nothing can separate us from the love of YHWH that is in Yahshúa our Messiah.

So ask me if I believe that he can bring "one perfect man of the measure of the stature of the fullness of Messiah" (Eph. 4:13) out of this chaos, and I will answer that it is written,


"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

(Isa 55:11) 


Those who find the path to understanding in Messiah will return fully to the God of Israel. They will learn to humble themselves rather than assume anything. They will learn what the words of Messiah mean when he says, "take my yoke upon you and learn of me…" They will take this faith seriously and realize they must literally live "by every word that proceeds from the mouth of YHWH."

Father is calling a remnant to salvation in perilous times because the end of the age is upon us. They will come through the fire and they will not be burned because he will bring them safely through. They will stand in Zion in complete understanding of exactly who they are, where they stand, what they have, and what they are called to. This is the destiny of those who believe what God has spoken because it was the standard set when "Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness."

Bow down your ear, and come to Me; hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David. (Isa 55:3)