Oxygen analyzer is a device that contains an oxidizer

Oxygen analyzer is a device that contains an oxidizer that functions by generating oxygen in response to the presence of an oxygen molecule. This analyzer is made up of electrodes that have been positively charged with an electrochemical potential. These electrodes are connected to a sensor referred to as an electrode probe. The sensor sends signals to an electronic circuit that generates a current from the battery. This current in turn controls the oxygen analyzer.

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Oxygen analyzers have various different uses e.g. ambient air analysis, combustion testing, and flame cutting for high temperature gas analysis and flame arrest for industrial gas flame testing. It has also been used in many medical applications such as measuring oxygen partial pressure in the human body and also determining the percentage of oxygen in brain tissues. It can also measure the percentage of ozone in the atmosphere, the concentration of nitrogen oxides, the ratio of the two of these chemicals, and even in the process of oxidation or reaction. The major use of oxygen analyzers is for in-depth analytical applications such as those used in the gas detection and isotope separation industry.

The type of oxygen analyzer that you choose should depend on your requirement. If you are looking for a portable device then you can go for the portable oxygen analyzer, which can be carried around without any major hindrance. However, if you need a more permanent device then you can go for the permanent gas analyzer where the sample of material is held in place for some time, usually overnight. There are also analyzer models that contain self-monitoring functionality wherein the user monitors the concentration of oxygen inside the sample material and can easily record the data as the concentration of oxygen increases or decreases.