Is your tap water causing Toxic Water-related Infirmities

Some time ago, I came across an advertisement for a job that enticed me. They were looking for agents to visit homes and conduct tests for tap water. If you’ve been following my earlier blog posts, I’ve been searching to live a healthier lifestyle, and I was very interested in learning more about this.

I completed a lot of instruction to be able to visit homes of residents. I performed different tests on their water. This allowed them to observe through their own eyes the harmful and toxic the tap water is.

toxic water exposure on base

In the course my teacher demonstrated every part of these tests with a written script that included details for each. I will not forget the day that when he conducted the test of comparison with tap water. The eyes of my were open and I was nauseated in my stomach. I was able to clearly comprehend how tap water can cause toxic health issues in my body due to water. Following that incident, I promised myself that I would never consume tap water ever again. I’ve kept that promise.

It was a lot of detailed details, regarding the tests I had to understand and master before I was able to become certified. I began my training as a marathon runner. I set out to be the most effective representative that I was able to be. I was determined to help people understand know the facts about water they’re bathing in, drinking and brushing their teeth in and washing their clothes, cooking their food and washing dishes. their meals.

I sat for long hours, learning specifics of a script that we needed to be familiar with before putting my own personal style into the script. I was provided with a mini test kit to perform the demonstrations at home. I took every test repeatedly until I felt comfortable and confident in my ability to know that I could do it with the palm of my hands. I also made use of my small system in order to ensure healthy water at home to drink and brush my teeth.

I was extremely passionate about what I had been doing. When I visited the homes of others I was able to draw them by my genuine enthusiasm and passion for the harmful effects of tap water. They could also observe every outcome in them.

One testing I performed:

Cleaning Clothes Test: demonstrated to the students how their clothes were soiled with dirt and soap within them, even after they were cleaned and thoroughly rinsed.

Chlorine Test The test showed that there was enough chloride in the tap to disinfect a pool.

Testing Spots On Dishes I washed a dish for them in the water, and then rinsed another glass using our system. We then put them up before their eyes to determine the differences.

Hand Washing Test One of their hands with tap water, and the other one with our purified water system. The difference that they felt was instantaneous.

Taste Test A more convincing test included a taste test. The distinction between pure tap and tap water that is clean is night and day.

Comparison Test The most convincing and convincing test. I show them, through their eyes the impurities and garbage that are present in water from the tap. I also tested their bottled water and they got identical results.

I did not have the money to buy an “whole household system” at the start. After I sold my initial three systems, and had completed the three-month trial I was offered an enormous discount, which allowed me and my husband to buy our own “whole household solution” for our house.

I’m not going to be honest with you. The system isn’t inexpensive. It was a significant sacrifice and financial commitment even with my huge discount. I truly believe in this! It is impossible to put a for your health and that of those you love. Brett and I haven’t regretted for a single minute, the decision we made.

What value do you place in Your Health?

I highly recommend that you find an established distributor in your region which can supply you with pure, pure air and water, as an “whole home system.” I’ve shared with you the facts as I’ve seen it.

What You Need to Know About Your Drinking Water

Water testing is a broad category for various methods utilized to test the quality of water. The objective is to determine if there are any dangerous chemicals or substances that may be present in the water that can endanger public health or the environment. Thousands of water quality checks are performed daily to maintain municipal safety and to meet regulatory standards. A majority of these tests find bacteria or algae, traces of toxic heavy metals, chemicals like herbicides and pesticides, synthetic organic compounds (SOCs), iron and other metallic contaminants, or other substances that can potentially harm humans and the environment. Many private companies perform water testing for a fee.

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Homeowners have many options for testing their water for contaminants. A home drinking water system is probably the most effective way to test for common contaminants. A homeowners laboratory may also test water for hardness. In the past, the only method to test for arsenic was through reverse osmosis. Today, there are several options available to test for nearly any water contaminants.

A good choice for home water testing is to use a combination of methods to test for the most contaminants. A laboratory can check for total coliform, pH, E-coli, total bacteria, pH level, nitrate/nitrite, alachlor, benzene, alachlor, atrazine, lindane, lindolite, atrazine, tetrachlor, trichloroethylene, TCE, and o-urol. A comprehensive quality report can be useful in informing homeowners about the contaminants in their water. It can also help to explain why a certain contaminant is present in the water and what the environmental and health risks are for exposure.