Why Fire Door Inspections Is Important

Fire doors are one of the most important parts of a building, and their safety is paramount. It is the fire door that separates the building from the outside, and it is important that this door is kept in good condition at all times. In the case of a fire, the fire door can be the only lifeline for people trapped inside the building. An operational fire door, like a properly working fire door, is an integral part to the containment of a building in order to prevent the spread of toxic fumes, fire and deadly fire. Fire Door Inspections

There are a number of reasons why commercial building owners need to have regular fire doors inspections to ensure their safety. Smoke and carbon monoxide can seep through the doors into the living spaces of the building and may not be detected until the problem is too late. Carbon monoxide (CO) is highly dangerous and can cause death in as little as 15 minutes, even if the building occupant is unconscious at the time of a CO release. A smoke inspection can identify problems before they become serious. If smoke or gas is detected during a routine audit, the problem can usually be corrected without calling in a professional technician.

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Fire door inspections are essential for preventing the spread of fire and the loss of life. This type of inspection should be performed by a professional every couple of years to catch problems before they become a larger problem. An audit will identify areas of the building that may be vulnerable to leaking, such as around windows and doors, and can identify problem areas where building materials are failing, including insulation, clogged gutters, drafty doors, missing or loose window glass, and missing or cracked windows. These inspections are generally easy to perform, cost less than $100, and can be completed in less than two hours. If your commercial building has fire doors, then they should be inspected and maintained according to local building codes.