Different Types of Kayak Trolleys

Model A kayak trays are the smallest in kayak trolley series and is suitable for a wide range of other slightly larger kayaks and canoes with easily fitting lockable wheels for stability. They have solid rear tyres for increased stability and are equipped with locking tail lights for added safety. All models have an integral foot paddle for easy paddle control and an easy grip handle which makes them very convenient to hold. They have one or two paddle controls which allow you to move the kayak manually if required. They also have locking backrests for greater stability.

kayak trolley

Model B and C Kayak Trolley are slightly bigger in size, but are great for using as a general purpose kayak cart. These are wider than Model A and have rear tyre supports to make them more stable when driving in rougher water. They have large rear wheel tyres for extra stability and come with locking foot pedals to prevent accidental paddling.

Model D, E and F Kayak Trolley are ideal for people who want a high quality, durable kayak trolley with plenty of storage space. These models have wide wheelbase to make them highly maneuverable and are much bigger in size than the models in the previous models. They have two rear paddle wheels and one forward paddle wheel for increased stability. They also have large rear tyres to provide excellent braking power and to reduce the effort required to paddle.

Models G, H, J and K are narrower and are great for younger kayak trolley users or people who want a very narrow kayak trolley that provides maximum stability and handling while out in the water. They have rear non-waterproof adjustable straps for great carrying and storage options. The strapless design of these models is the best kayak cart you can buy, as it provides better support to your back.

Model L is the widest kayak trolley available. It has a frame with casters and comes with three separate handles – one for the driver and one for the kayak itself. It also has two non-waterproof adjustable straps and one waterproof strap with a multi-point tie-down system. This type of cart is very easy to handle and easy to store, and is perfect for small kayak crews. It is also the safest kayak trolley available, as it is very hard to tilt in a rough current.

There are many different types of kayak carts to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. If you want one that is highly functional and sturdy, then the best model to look at would be the DAK Racing series by Ocean Kayaks. It can withstand a wide range of conditions and perform well even under the worst weather conditions. The DAK Racing Series even features an impressive list of performance statistics to boast about. For those looking for an overall package that offers reliability, affordability and good performance, then the DAK Trolley is a good pick.