Paragard IUD Settlement Amounts

Paragard IUD is a type of Invera system that aims at increasing a woman’s chances of pregnancy. The system has been manufactured by the Orthopedic institute of Chicago and has been in use since the mid 1970s. With the passage of time, the procedure has been improved and now it can provide effective results for patients suffering from Irregular Pelvic Periods (IPP). This method also gives a woman’s physician an opportunity to view the functioning of her reproductive organs during the entire process.

The Paragard IUD system is inserted into the uterus and is meant for a specific period during which the woman will not be able to conceive another child. The Paragard procedure can only be used during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is because the procedure is designed to limit the access of sperm to the uterus and thus prevent it from fertilizing the eggs. The amount of Paragard inserted into the woman’s pelvic cavity is determined by the woman’s medical history and the age of the fetus.

Paragard IUD Lawsuit

The process can take a few hours and during this time the physician can see if there is any improvement or change in the woman’s condition. If the health condition does not improve then the physician will again ask her to go back to him in order to carry out a more invasive procedure. The Paragard procedure can only be performed if a woman has fully grown and matured from her first pregnancy. It is also important that a woman has full mobility and control over her pelvic muscles in order for the procedure to be successful.