Choose Your Supplements Carefully

Taking supplements has become a common practice in the US, however, does it only bring a good impact on our body? In fact, if you manage the food you eat properly, you wouldn’t need to take any supplementary tablet. Taking unnecessary supplements could only bring you more health risks instead of eliminating them. However, in most cases, people would need to take supplements to fulfill their daily nutrient needs. While it is true that taking supplements could help people to overcome vitamins and other nutrition deficiency, it is not a solution that could fit all health problems. The most effective and efficient method to get a healthy body is only by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Of course not all people have the privilege to practice this healthy lifestyle, so the use of supplements are still important, moreover in a global pandemic like this.

So how do you choose the supplements that would be beneficial to you? Of course the first thing to do is to monitor your diet and daily intake. You have to make sure that there are already necessary ingredients in your meals for the day. If not, then you should make a list of the nutritional value of each ingredient you use and choose your supplements afterwards. You might find it difficult in the beginning, but once you’ve felt the benefits, you will try to do better. Most of the time, people find it difficult to fulfill all the nutrients they need for the day. It can be because of their job and other causes. In times like these, the use of supplements is highly recommended to keep their body healthy. Although most supplements are safe to take, be careful with these ones, especially if you already have a certain health condition.

If you are an active smoker, stay away from high doses of beta carotene. Studies proved that smokers who are taking a high dose of beta carotene regularly are more likely to develop lung cancer. People with a certain abnormal kidney condition should be careful with their calcium and vitamin D intake. Taking such supplements with an abnormal kidney condition could promote the risk of getting kidney stones. You should also pay extra attention to vitamin E intake. A high dose of vitamin E could cause bleeding in the brain which then triggers stroke. Other concerns would include the usage of vitamin K supplements along with anticoagulant medicines. People who are taking anticoagulant medicines because of their health condition should prevent the use of vitamin K supplements. There are also some cases when people with regular vitamin B6 intake would have a problem with their nervous system which impairs body movements. Studies proved that a high intake level of vitamin B6 in a long time could cause nerve damage. Even though the damage will dissipate once the supplements are stopped, it is better to prevent the condition from happening in the first place.


Make sure to choose your supplements carefully, and only take supplements made from powerful natural ingredients for the best result.

Valuable Nutrients in The Dietary Supplements

The main reason why you need a dietary supplement is that you need an additional supply of particular nutrients for your body through your diet. Taking a dietary supplement is a practical solution to maintain adequate nutrition on a daily basis. Before purchasing the product, let’s acknowledge some valuable nutrients contained in the dietary supplements.


There are diverse ranges of vitamins contained in dietary supplement products that may appear in different names. These include Vitamin A(Retinol and retinal), Vitamin B1(Thiamine), Vitamin B3( Niacin), Vitamin B5(Pantothenic Acid), B6(Pyridoxine), Vitamin B7(Biotin), Vitamin B9(Folic Acid), Vitamin B12(Cobalamin), Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Some products like Sunergetic Grass Multivitamin Green Superfood Powder contain multiple vitamins for each serving.


Dietary fiber not only lowers the risk of chronic disease but also helps you maintain the overall health of the digestive system including preventing and fighting constipation, GERD, diverticulosis, and so forth. While you actually gain the fiber from your foods, you may still need a boost from a dietary fiber supplement.


Essential minerals are very important for your body’s proper functioning and growth. Dietary supplements may also contain essential minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium, and so forth. These minerals are usually added to dietary supplement products along with vitamins.


Dietary protein is the source of metabolizable energy as well as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies that allows your body to function properly. Even though it’s widely used in bodybuilding supplements, you can also find it in dietary supplements. You’d need to consume 50-175 grams of protein per day and you can gain it from supplements if your daily meals don’t cover the ideal intake.
Amino Acids
Amino acids are the substances that form proteins in our body. Dietary supplements usually contain some or all of nine essential amino acids. These vital amino acids are the ones that you can only get from your foods. At this point, you may cover your daily intake by taking amino acid dietary supplements.


There are also prebiotic supplements that promote digestive health benefits. It basically works by preventing harmful bacteria and enhancing the growth of good intestinal bacteria. Even though it’s not firmly proven for other health benefits, many people already consume prebiotic supplements and get the benefits.


Some dietary supplements also help you to cover the needs of omega-3 fatty acids for your body through a diet including alpha-linolenic acid, Eicosapentaenoic acid, Docosahexaenoic acid, and stearidonic acid. Even though omega-3 is widely added to food products like egg, milk, bread, juice, or butter, you can find a dedicated omega-3 dietary supplement for additional supplies.


CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is a non-essential omega-6 that helps prevent some cancer diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, and promotes weight loss and muscle mass gain. CLA supplements available in the market are made from vegetable oils.

It should be noted that dietary supplement products can either contain one nutrient or multiple ingredients. Therefore, you should carefully read the nutrition facts before purchasing a dietary supplement product that you’d consume on a regular basis.

what are the benefits of Sunergetic products?

Sunergetic products have various kinds such as energy drinks, dietary supplements, and the like are the best alternatives to meet the needs of food and drinks, that can provide health and balance for your body. Sunergetic is a supplement that provides the body with nutrients that you cannot get from food or drink so that the body can meet its proper nutritional needs. Here are some of the ingredients contained in Sunergetic products that are beneficial for the body.
1. Amino acids and minerals
Amino acids and minerals help your body stay optimal and healthy for a long time. Both of these substances also play a role in helping the development of tissues in the body and keeping the cells in our bodies healthy and strong so they can function properly. Besides, amino acids and minerals also help in the production of new cells needed to keep the body healthy. So, these two substances not only maintain the performance of the body’s cells but also ensures their proper growth and development. Amino acids also provide an energy boost to the body thus helping the body maintain its strength. You will also not easily experience fatigue or muscle cramps because amino acids can maximize muscle performance properly.
2. Protein
There are several types of protein that you need to meet the protein needs in your body. The protein intake the body needs depends on the age and health condition of each body. Sunergetic is a supplement that provides the body’s protein supply. That also works effectively for you that can’t get enough nutrition from food or drinks, and of course, that is healthier.


Other than the two ingredients above, Sunergetic also contains nutrients that are usually found in the form of vitamin C. This content can protect our bodies from the harmful effects of free radicals and other elements that harm the body. They can also help reduce cancer risk and, in the process, improve immune system function. The antioxidant properties provided by this Sunergetic product can also relieve stress and depression. Sunergetic products have a variety of benefits and are a great way to ensure your body is in good health. But before you can feel the benefits of these products, you need to make sure that your body is in good health and fitness so that the body can get balanced results. Indeed, there are lots of health supplement products, but not all of them have complete and beneficial content for the body. Sunergetic contains vitamins and minerals needed by the body and is safe for you to consume every day. Sunergetic products also exist as powerful anti-aging and skincare supplements. This Sunergetic product provides antioxidants and anti-aging properties for the body and is clinically proven to help reverse the effects of aging and keep skin looking younger. The supplement also has a skin revitalizing function that can produce fast and precise results. Sunergetic uses premium ingredients that are trusted and easily absorbed by the body so that it can restore and protect your skin in no time.

How to find the best superfoods supplements for you

Superfoods are so popular lately, which makes the market flooded with such a large number of superfood supplements. Some of them are rather dubious brands and can wreak havoc on your body. Before turning to the best superfood supplements available on the market today, it is important to determine what you should look for when choosing the right dietary supplement for you.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US) taking too many supplements at once, or mixing the wrong supplements, can cause more harm than good.

Here are a few factors you can keep in mind when narrowing down your search on your ideal Sunergetic superfood supplement:
Choose superfood supplements that have been clinically tested and FDA approved

Main Material Equipment
The top superfood supplements have several staples that determine their efficacy. Pay attention to this ingredient or ingredient type when browsing the supplement constituent list.
Look for ingredients such Spirulina and Chlorella, leafy greens like spinach and kale, and grasses like barley, wheatgrass, and alfalfa. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants are other categories of ingredients you should look for

● Credible Research
When choosing the right superfood supplement for yourself, you need to do adequate research on the product. It’s a good idea to look for reviews from non-commercial sites and trusted bloggers when doing your research to make sure the information you receive is reliable.

Beware of Glowing Reviews

Glowing reviews often indicate that something may be amiss with the superfood supplement in question. While there are some genuine testimonials about products that do wonders for people, it’s always safer to stick to compliments that are too good to be true like ‘miraculous results’, ‘100% safe to use’, and so on are common, and other questionable phrases that can be a red flag.

● ‘Natural’ Supplements
Brands often draw your attention to how ‘natural’ their supplements are as a marker of excellence. Keep in mind, firstly, ‘natural’ supplements are not necessarily organic which it claims to be, second, natural products need not be better than less organic competitors, and lastly, just because a product is natural, it doesn’t guarantee its safety.

● Avoid Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, and Fillers
Although 100% organic superfood supplements may be a myth, we always strive to find the best superfood supplements as close to the ideal as possible. Avoid food supplements that contain artificial flavors, artificial colorings, or artificial sweeteners. Look for dietary supplements that contain only one ingredient


● Brand Value

Always consider the credibility of the brand that made it. It’s better to choose a credible brand whose demographic has been trusted for years, compared to the new kid on the block promising extraordinary results using push marketing as a crutch.
Brands that have been around for a long time tend to be higher quality and with safer formulas. Quality brands not only ensure premium quality products, but are also more environmentally responsible, have better labour practices, are legally healthy, and are overall more transparent and responsible in the process.

● Intensive Testing

Ideally, you should choose a superfood supplement that has undergone extensive lab testing and third-party testing to ensure its quality. A quality brand with a quality supplement will ensure they thoroughly test their product to meet higher safety standards.