Tree Growth Tips – Important Tree Growth Tips You Must Know

Whether you are planting a new tree in your backyard or planning to plant one in your office, there are some important tree growth tips that you must know. First of all, make sure the tree is planted at least three feet away from its trunk. This will allow for adequate oxygen to reach the roots and promote a healthy growth. In addition, you must avoid fertilizing your young tree because it will stunt its development. Instead, wait until the second or third year to fertilize it.

Steadfast Tree Care

Fast-growing trees are less sturdy and do not live as long as their slower-growing counterparts. You should know that a fast-growing tree will reach a maximum height of 25 inches in one year. On the other hand, a medium-growing tree will only grow between 13 and 24 inches each year. The average-growing tree will grow between 12 to 13 inches per annum. If you want a slow-growing, healthy tree, you should use a slower-growing one.
Slow-growing trees are ideal for your garden because they will take their shape without the need for constant pruning. Besides, a slow-growing tree will not have to be trimmed constantly. A slow-growing tree will continue to grow, so you won’t have to deal with it every day. Soaking it overnight the night before planting will help it survive a harsh winter and prevent it from drying out. The best time to plant a tree is in spring or fall, so that it can grow in a healthy environment.