Choosing Vintage Rugs for Style and Tradition

In recent years, a different trend has emerged in the furniture industry which has seen old vintage rugs being transformed into contemporary art pieces to fit the modern house. This is basically why “distressed” vintage rugs have been a recent trend and are a cross between vintage fashion and art nouveau houses. People don’t just want their jeans to appear well lived in, they also want their rugs to seem iced in. The modern house often makes use of the past to come up with something fresh and artistic. A person who lives in an older house might find it useful to paint one of their walls with a vintage color scheme, or to go all out and buy a whole set of vintage rugs, vintage chairs and vintage lighting.

Of course, one doesn’t need to be living in an old house to appreciate the beauty of vintage rugs and antiques; anyone who loves vintage fashion should consider investing in some. These rugs come in a wide array of colors and materials, from wool, silk and cotton to synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. The latter, nylon, is considered to be the most durable and popular choice among vintage rug buyers, as it is both strong and lightweight at the same time, making it easy to take care of. Moreover, the material used in modern rugs is much more resistant to wear and tear than that used in vintage rugs; the classic look of an antique rug will therefore last for as long as people are willing to maintain it.

Varying in size and shape, vintage rugs are also available in several styles, including contemporary square rugs and large area rugs in ottomans or upholstered cushions. Smaller rugs, such as those used in living rooms or bedrooms, are usually single-colored while larger ones are often multi-colored or have abstract designs. While many people choose classic colors for their area rugs, it’s also possible to find modern rugs that exhibit an alternative color palette. No matter what kind of rug is selected, however, vintage and antique rugs can add a special touch to any room by bringing an element of class and culture into the mix.