How to Choose a Water Slide

If you want to make your backyard a real splash zone, you can purchase an inflatable water slide. This type of slide is fun for all ages, but it will take up quite a bit of space in your backyard, especially if you choose a larger model. Even the smallest toddler water slide takes up a good bit of space, so consider the amount of space you have available. Luckily, most water slides come with handy carrying bags to keep them safe and dry when not in use.

Water Slide Rentals

When choosing a water slide, make sure it’s made of the right material. Some types of slides are made of PVC, synthetic rubber, neoprene, laminated polyester, and chemical-grade nylon. PVC water slides are the most durable, and they resist punctures well. Chemical-grade nylon slides are also durable, but you’ll want to check the specific construction methods before purchasing one. Additional stitching and double-layer materials are also a great way to make your water slide durable.

For those who are afraid of heights, consider purchasing a smaller water slide. There are two options: the Sidewinder Mini and the AquaDrum Body Bowl. These slides use linear induction motors to power them up hills. Neither of these slides is too intense, and you’ll have a blast regardless. Just make sure to bring a friend along to the water park to see this awesome ride! It’s a great way to get some exercise at the same time!

Adding a water slide decal to your water tumbler or mug is a great way to customize a gift for someone. It’s easy to apply, and can even be dishwasher-safe. But remember, it’s important to keep in mind that water slides aren’t the only place where a decal will fit. You’ll need to make sure that you use dishwasher-safe Mod Podge or sealer to make them dishwasher-safe.

A waterslide’s length and design determine the speed at which it’s safe for a child. Several different kinds of slides have different speeds and features. A 120-foot Summit Plummet water slide at Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach is considered the tallest free-fall water slide. An 11-story-high slide in Brazil is called Insane. The main difference between these two slides is that gravity is the main force behind the ride.

Backyard inflatable water slides cover a large area and can accommodate up to five kids at a time. Water slides are durable, so a large electric blower keeps them inflated even if the kids are rough on them. Aside from being sturdy, these slides also come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. The choice is yours. A waterslide decal will last for many years to come. So, get a water slide today!