The Benefits Of Using Electronic Management Solution (EMS) For Examinations And Audits

For companies seeking a way to improve their internal processes or increase the quality of external review of business practices in certain departments, a fully featured examination management system can be a valuable tool. ROA offers a highly configure, easy to use, and workflow enabled comprehensive solution that facilitates efficient management of documents, examiner communications, complaint management, remediation and much more. A comprehensive, flexible, document control and feedback management platform that works as an online accounting and support tool.

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The entire function of Examination Management can be examined through an intuitive user interface that presents the most comprehensive view of all examination information available for that particular institution. Features include full integration with Microsoft Exchange, QuickBooks, Peachtree, NetSuite, and other important enterprise applications that are available on the market today. This comprehensive solution makes it simple to maintain and track the complete records of all examination results, from all different areas of a business. This software also allows an institution to easily manage and maintain its own infrastructure, including servers, networks, and workstations. EMA also allows users to easily and conveniently prepare, store, forward, as well as send the reports and other documents that they need to a variety of different people, such as internal auditors and external review teams.

For companies that are looking for ways to improve internal procedures and practices, or improve the quality of their workforce, the combination of a fully featured examination management system with a complete ERP software solution is a surefire formula for success. When properly integrated, EMA and ERP software can improve all of the major aspects of an institution, while significantly reducing the amount of time that is consumed in manor of the various different functions and components of an EMA system. EMA will reduce the amount of time that is lost in searching for important information, as well as significantly increasing the amount of time that is spent actually performing the actual tests. In addition, EMA will make it easier for audit groups to find out how each aspect of a business is performing. All of these things combined are a surefire way for any company to increase both its overall profit and the quality of the employees working in that company.