The SEO and SEM – The Role of SEO Specialist

As you learn to improve your business’ online visibility, you may often come across two popular abbreviations: SEO and SEM. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Meanwhile, the SEM is the abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing.

It is true that both of these words are related to each other. The SEO Services Sydney even often include the SEM in the package. But you need to know that SEO and SEM is two different things.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing can be defined as the practices whose objective is to attain the strategic placement in the search engine results pages. In most cases, it is true that the experts coined the SEM as the combination of the PPC and SEO.

SEO is the part of the SEM. So, the Marketix SEO Sydney is not the only component included in SEM. It can be pretty overwhelming to take care of all of the components in the SEM by yourself. Here is where the Marketix SEO Agency enters to help you. The SEO Agency in Sydney can help you with some basic SEO tasks to the more advanced ones.

When you hire an SEO specialist for improving your brand visibility, there are basically three steps that the experts will take to make sure that you will get the maximum results.

The very first step that the SEO Sydney Agency will do for you is to inspect your website. The inspection is necessary in order to get the important data about your company’s site before the SEO specialists conduct their plans. It does not matter if your site has ever been optimized or not, they will check and double check all of the website components and the results in rankings.
During the inspection, they will find out the issues which can impact your website visibility such as loading time, navigability, accessibility, site structure, user experience, web page quality, and so on.

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After the assessment, they will report to you with unbiased opinions and facts. The information that they attain from the inspection will help them a lot to find out the accurate information regarding the changes that need to be conducted by the concerned parties.

The second step revolves around building a new SEO strategy, implementation, as well as testing phase for your website. Keep in mind that there is no such perfect SEO Services Sydney. The Marketix SEO Services Sydney designated for your website might not be successful in the first trial. Therefore, it is important that your SEO specialists work around the clock to test their strategies. As the time goes by, your Marketix SEO Agency experts will find new rooms for improvement. They will help you to optimize both on-page and off-page factors so that your website can draw more traffic than before.

The final step of Marketing SEO Services Sydney is to give you the results report. They will also analyze the results and keep you updated with the important information. With the accurate results, you can determine if your investment is worth your money and time or not. It won’t stop there. If you are satisfied with the result, you will get a better understanding about what strategy that works and what’s not. Therefore, your Marketix SEO Agency will be able to help you for a long time in the future.