Top Minecraft Servers for Your Kids

If you and your kids are fond of the minecraft game, especially its survival mode, congratulations! Survival mode in Minecraft is one of the most mind-blowing modes in the community. If you are an avid fan of minecraft games, and your kids are on the same page, there is no reason to avoid this.

But just like any other multiplayer games, not all survival minecraft servers are good for your kids. You will need to focus on the servers that are kid-friendly, non-toxic, and safe. Each server might have a different set of rules and environment characteristics. So, you and your kids can have some tries before proceeding. These are the top servers that you can check.


Autcraft is white listed minecraft server that is particularly designed for kids with autism. The server category focuses on the parents of autistic children, parents with autistic children, as well as family whose members deal with autism.


Blocklandia has such a great code of conduct. It is also white listed and moderated well by responsible people who have years of experience in minecraft. It can be one of the best survival minecraft servers for your kids. The server welcomes younger kids from under the age of 6. It has good guides for the new members of the server. Blocklandia offers such a safe and fun environment of minecraft for your kids. You won’t regret to tag along your kids there.


Intercraften has a lot to offer. Folks are fond of this option because of the wide array of options the server offers. It comes with various modes of minecraft including mining, creative, collaborative peaceful, capture the flag, as well as survival verses. The rules and regulations are straightforward and beneficial. The players are all whitelisted. Not to mention that the moderators are those who have a good reputation in the minecraft environment. Intercraften also has such a comprehensive Menu Book that your kids can use to pick the jobs, commands, as well as play fun mini games.

Kid Club

The name of the server really represents what your kids need. It is one of the best survival minecraft servers for kids because of the Whitelisting and ample moderation of the community. The kid-friendly environment comes with the moderators who have the backgrounds in IT, game development, as well as design. They all have the same objective and visions in such a community. That explains why this server is nicely designed. In the survival world, your kids can overcome the challenges, trades, and collaborate with their friends.

survival minecraft servers


If your kids would like to communicate through Voice Chat, this server can make a great choice. It comes with white listed players and good moderation. The voice chat used in the environment is Discord. So, make sure to register to the Discord service first before proceeding. It is one of the most popular survival minecraft servers because it comes with family-friendly regulations and standards. The admins and moderators work closely with parents to make sure that all kids are safe and convenient.
It is a great idea to try various servers first before deciding to focus on one. Pick one which is suitable for your kids most.