UnderstandingData – DataScience for your business

We deliver actionable insights – you take relevant business decisions to improve your business revenue. Our huge data services will help you stay well ahead of the competition, take the guesswork out of your consumer-driven plans, drive your revenue growth and better the full operation efficiency.

You can collect and analyze your customers, operations and revenues under any angle. But do you lack the system to opertinalize all the data and your present tools do not deliver the complete picture? We could help your organization to make data-driven plans quickly.

Services we offer

Big data analytics

Help you to carry out your analytical workloads at petabye scale

Stream processing

Built scalable fault-tolerant streaming applications

Data visualization

View through your data, build dashboards, visualize your KPIs to help your business

Optimize & support

Decrease your end-of-month check on infrastructure

Data integration

Collect data from different sources

  • Batch processing
  • Real-time streaming data processing

Process structured data

  • Process different streams of data in parallel
  • Process your streaming data incrementally and constantly to compute business plans real-time

Huge data warehousing

Build affordable and scalable big data warehousing

Platform design and technique

  • Identify different sources of structured and unstructured data
  • Help you organized your data around your requirements
  • Implement analytics framework
  • Define valuable business cases
  • Implement custom alerts and dashboards
  • Implement analytics frameworks

Why you do need big data science for your business?

  • Help your organization to make data-driven plans
  • Integrate all your data sources into one pipeline and storage layer
  • Building a unified analytics platform for your business
  • Help you to make sense of your data
  • Grow your present data warehouse beyond its restricts
  • Keep money on infra in your end-of-month bill

Our mission

At UnderstandingData, we aim to offer valuable insight into the quickest growing business with the top technological solution and fault-tolerant architecture. We have a special customer-centric approach and forever trust the data that grows your business. We are here with the single mission, to turn any data into readable form and manage vital decisions flawlessly.

Our big data enterprise for industries

We provide Big data consulting services and DSaaS solutions for the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance and insurance
  • E-commerce
  • IoT
  • Travel and transportations
  • Media and broadcasting
  • AdTech
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewable
  • And much more