What Is a Chimney Gauge, Why Are They Important?

Do I Need One?

A Fire Door Inspection Tool is a simple to use and inexpensive way to give proper support to roof covering materials whether they are drywall asphalt, slate or tile. These tools are designed to fit over most standard size drywall supports and are useful for any type of application where the roof is to be supported. These tools can also be used in conjunction with the existing roof rafters or flashing to assist in maintaining proper pitch and load positioning to give maximum protection against fire damage. This specific tool is very effective for preventing chimney fires as its small steel blade cuts through firewalls and creates an air gap above the flue thus allowing the natural gas and exhaust gases from burning wood, paper and other combustible materials to escape safely out of the house.

If you need to repair or replace any part of your chimney due to weathering or fire damage then it is always important to refer to your Fire Protection Manual to ensure you are complying with applicable safety requirements. The manual will also identify all the parts of your house that need to be protected. A Chimney Sweep is an essential part of your fire doors and provides excellent protection from the elements especially in the case of a chimney fire. These sweepers are usually operated manually, so the chance of damage or malfunction is reduced to a great extent. They have a steel head and a brush like material on the top to prevent smoke entering the house and flying outside. These tools should always be kept in a safe place at all times to prevent theft and misplaced use.

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A Chimney Sweep is a small tool which is quite handy and can be carried around safely. It has an aluminium or steel head that extends out to allow the user to check for fire door gaps. A fire door gap gauge helps in determining the exact size of the flue pipe needed to fill the area that needs to be supported. The chimney sweep also comes with a heat resistant gauze that can be used to measure the temperature inside the flue whilst the tool is being used. The heat-resistant gauge allows you to estimate the heating cost during the winter months.