Why choose an international school in Chiangmai?

Nowadays, International Schools are very popular in Chiang Mai. Many local communities choose to send their children to international schools from an early age so that their children get the best educators according to international standards. Besides, international schools are also an option for immigrant families who are originally foreign citizens. These international schools usually offer a different curriculum from regular schools. Among the most popular are the American, British, and International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula. Chiang Mai itself is now a city with a unique Thai style. Chiang Mai City has more than 300 Buddhist temples and hosts many Thai festivals. Chiang Mai continues to attract tourists, both domestic and foreign, to visit their city. It is not surprising that the standard of education in Chiang Mai has also developed rapidly. The following are some of the reasons why people prefer international school Chiangmai.

1. International curriculum

International schools provide a curriculum that is not a national curriculum in their own country. Instead, international schools offer curricula with international standards, such as the International Baccalaureate or national curricula of other countries. The national curriculum that you will most likely find in international schools is the American National Curriculum, or the British curriculum, or an adapted version. Most international schools use the English curriculum and various subject references that are relevant to the history and customs of the country.

2. Focus more on the process

Unlike national schools that are more inclined towards student results or grades, international schools are more focused on the process of absorbing material to students. Teachers who teach in an international school, usually, pay more attention to the learning process, prioritize good personal formation, and are not too fixated on values alone. Therefore, parents tend to prefer their children to receive an international-level education that is not only inclined towards marks but also prioritizes the understanding and personality of their students.

international school Chiangmai

3. Train communication better

International schools, apart from being known for their different curricula, also place great importance on communication. Being able to communicate with other people does seem easy, but after undergoing it, then you will find out the difficulties. Not only being able to have a conversation, but the ability to be able to communicate ‘well’ requires proper teaching from an early age. Besides, practicing communication with children can also increase their confidence to be able to get along in the community.

4. Foreign language training.

It is common for international schools to use foreign languages ​​as everyday languages. The languages ​​they speak the most include English and Mandarin. International schools make students master foreign languages ​​to improve the quality of their communication in the global arena.

5. Train the student to think smart

By prioritizing the process and training communication, international schools strive to form an excellent student personality. Not only memorizing a subject matter but understanding it. Not only can I speak but communicate well. Thus, students can train their minds to think more openly and make better use of their abilities.