You can choose to spend some of your Vietnam vacation

You can choose to spend some of your Vietnam vacation in one of its beautiful coastal cities or venture north to the Sapa Nature Reserve. The northern coastal region is largely unknown to outsiders, making it an ideal destination for a trekking holiday. The home-stay accommodation in this area allows you to get close to the local culture and prepare meals. You can even join the family for a day to help out with the daily chores. You’ll stay in a rustic thatched stilthouse with a view of the surrounding rice terraces.

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While public displays of affection are taboo in Vietnam, they are generally frowned upon. However, you can express your affection privately. In major cities, such as Saigon, you should bow or nod your head when greeting the opposite sex. You can give a handshake in certain situations, but it’s best to avoid doing so during the rainy season, which runs from April through September, and during strong windstorms, as it’s considered disrespectful.

Pregnant women should discuss their travel plans with their doctor, who will advise them on how to protect themselves from malaria. The rainy season makes the roads impassable. It’s also recommended that pregnant women avoid driving while pregnant or nursing. If you’re travelling with children, it’s best to take anti-malarial medications and use insect repellent. In addition to malaria and other diseases, you should consider getting vaccinated against rabies and yellow fever. If you plan on hiking in the countryside, be aware that rabies occurs in the north and can be fatal if not treated properly. Additionally, there’s a risk of HIV/AIDS and other high-risk activities in the country.

The most popular way to get to Vietnam is to fly. The transportation ministry has proposed a three-phase plan to start regular international flights. The first phase will be the beginning of next year, and will include flights from China, the U.K., Russia, and France. Once the first phase is complete, the second phase will begin in the second quarter of the year. It will also include flights from Thailand and Laos.

If you’re looking to travel to Vietnam, it’s important to be aware of its climate. In southern regions, the weather is tropical and hot. In the north, temperatures can be extremely cold and rainy. Those living in the northern areas should plan their trip accordingly. If you’re in doubt about which month’s weather will be best for you, check out the official calendar. A map of the weather is a must.

While there are many options for air travel in Vietnam, you’ll find a low-cost airline that is not very reliable. VietJetAir is a low-cost carrier and has many delays. You can’t always book ahead of time, and even if you do, you’ll end up in a different country. If you’re traveling to Vietnam for the first time, consider flying with a reputable airline. If you’re going to Laos, this will save you money and allow you to see the countryside.