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Looking for biblical answers instead of traditional ones? Tired of the same old emotional roller coaster instead of spiritual substance?

Our newsletter, Kingdom Thoughts, will encourage and challenge you to think for yourself.

If you have entered into covenant with the Almighty through the instructions (Torah) in his word, you have received of his Spirit. That Spirit is known in Scripture as the Spirit of Truth. He is God and he promises to lead us into ALL truth. If you haven't or do not know what God's covenant in the blood of Messiah is all about, we will gladly share those instructions with you so that as many of us as possible can prepare for the coming time of great trouble. There is true hope in these times, and it is all in knowing what YHVH has to say about all that is happening in the present-day world. We invite you to fellowship with us.

Francisco & Rosa Luna


                                                                                                                          There is only one faith (Eph. 4:5)

One faith has been authored and finished by the Sovereign One of Israel. Just as there is but one Alahym, the one faith is unique unchangeable and independent of men's ideologies. The standard that all people of faith seek is truth and truth is absolute. But truth is only truth when it comes from an indisputable source and the Mighty One of Jacob is the source of this faith. The precepts that are connected and intertwined within this one faith cannot be configured any way other than in and by the truth. The division within the body of Messiah today is due to the way in which men have twisted the scriptures to say what they imagine them to say. The truth is there for us to see but too many people are depending on men to tell them what the truth is and too few are trusting in the spirit of YHVH to guide them to the truth. this is not about trusting me or any other man. This is a "heads up" to all the body of Messiah that something major is coming and a shaking is just starting that will only stop when all that is false has been shaken off.  The prophets have spoken. The apostles have given us the true foundation. it is up to us to build with gold, silver, and precious stones upon it. There are diverse issues that must be reconciled if we are to arrive at the Unity of the Faith. (Eph. 4:13) The Body of Messiah will arrive at that prophesied unity with or without us. The question is: Will we be part of it?

The world speaks of "reality" often these days, and interprets it as being different things to different people. The reality of the rock star is not that of the homeless person. This is the world we live in. But YHVH's reality is ONE and cannot be compromised, watered down, or made into a one-size-fits-all pluralistic belief that adapts itself to the person. It is a discipline that takes a person who has repented, (stopped trying to be God in his or her own life) been forgiven, and filled with the Spirit of Truth that is none other than Messiah's Spirit, on a journey of preparation for eternity. Grace has been given to the seed of Jacob for the express purpose of returning the two houses of Israel to the position that Adam had with YHVH at creation. It is given by means of a Covenant that has been ratified in the blood of a totally innocent sacrificial Lamb, whose name in his native tongue is Yahusha. This is the one who is called Iesous in Greek and translated as Jesus in the English language; according to the modern translations of the Bible translated from the Greek.  

Although there are many religions and many more perceptions of this faith, which serve to make it appear mysterious and perhaps indecipherable, it is by its own account just and only ONE FAITH. What does that mean? If we take into account that faith is defined as belief, trust, and reliance; then Faith becomes the shell or container for all that we believe concerning YHVH. Whatever we believe to be true is what we rely upon because we trust it. We work for someone for a week or two while waiting for payday because we trust that someone to actually pay us when that day comes. In things concerning YHVH, it is not about working toward a payday but about knowing YHVH's will through what his word says. Trusting someone else to decipher the faith for us is as ridiculous as a perfectly healthy grown person being bottle-fed and rocked to sleep in his or her mother's arms. We have been given full access to the throne of grace through Messiah's blood and a personal relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth if we will but obey the truth of this One Faith.

The real issue becomes the importance we place upon this faith. We live in an age of convenience and knowledge has increased through the widespread availability of information. There is much to attract our attention and consume our time. There are obligations that must be met and we are constantly being bombarded with all types of information from diverse sources. Time is the most valuable commodity in the world today. This creates a conflict that afflicts many believers today.  The enemy of our souls has unleashed a flood of diversion and misinformation to keep the people occupied and away from the truth. To understand the reason behind this, one has to know that Satan is fighting to keep this faith from becoming one in the necessary number of people. This requires an accurate knowledge of what time-frame we are living in, what has occurred before, and what is to come.  However, as complicated as that may sound, YHVH has given his people his Spirit to guide them into all truth and all necessary knowledge.  This is where FAITH comes in. If the person cannot believe that this is possible, how will he or she believe anything beyond that?  That is the reason Messiah said that faith was as a mustard seed that starts out very small and becomes extremely large if properly cultivated. It is time for the One Faith spoken of repeatedly in Scripture to be honored as such by those called to its obedience. Make no mistake; the confusion in those who cannot make this commitment will prevail and those who persist in teaching what is not true will only add to that confusion. So, do you think maybe this might be a good enough reason to ask the Creator of Heaven and Earth to lead you personally into his truth?  He's no farther away than what the sound of your voice can carry. In fact, he knows your very mind and heart. Why not consider his word more diligently if you are interested in eternal life? After all, "In vain do the builders build if The Almighty build not the house." Who's building your house of faith?


Francisco Gomez Luna

Dvar Emet (Word of Truth) Ministry                                       











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