The Evergreen Trends of Swimsuit

Swimsuit is specifically designed for swimming with the aim that swimmers can move faster in the water. For that swimsuit must be able to reduce the water resistance and make it easier for the wearer to move in the water. Everyone who wants to swim is recommended to wear swimsuits, even if you are not a professional athlete. By using a bathing suit, a person can swim more safely without feeling tired, so as to avoid the risk of cramps or drowning and the cleanliness of swimming pool water is also more sustainable. Imagine if you use a shirt or T-shirt complete with trousers or jeans for swimming. Ordinary fabric pants and shirts will absorb water and make you feel heavy. Plus some fabric will shrink when exposed to water, as a result the joints of the hands and feet will be increasingly limited in movement. Of course this will be very dangerous for you if you swim with so many loads. Limited movement plus a burden due to the water in the clothes will make you have to spend more energy to be able to float and move in the water. As a result, your muscles quickly stiff and cramp. This is what causes supervisors at the beach or certain swimming pools to be very fierce to apply the rules of using a swimsuit while playing in water.

color changing bathing suit

In addition to safety and comfort reasons for swimming, swimsuits also become trending in fashion. You can just wear a swimsuit that shows your beautiful curves, or the unique style and color of the swimsuit itself and post it to your Instagram. For men, they usually display color changing swim trunks that will change color when exposed to water. Not only men, there are also women who like to wear color changing bathing suits because of the unique color changes that occur like magic.

An Italian designer recently introduced a bikini swimsuit with a special mask called Trikini. Although originally made only for fun, this product turned out to be selling like hotcakes. Initially she just had fun uploading pictures of her daughter wearing three pieces of make-up suits complete with masks to Facebook. It turned out that many were interested in ordering this Trikini, in an instant it became viral and flooded with orders. As the Italian government loosened the lockdown, Trikini’s bookings increased even more because maybe many people had longed for activities on the beach or swimming pool safely.

Besides trending safe swimsuits like Trikini, Korean-style swimsuits are still the center of attention. There is a long sleeve swimsuit model with a sheer top that shows a sexy body shape and is no less beautiful than Korean celebrities. There is also a model of a set of swimsuits that combines long sleeve crop top swimsuits with high waist pants that show the wearer’s waist. There are still other options such as a set of balloon crop tops with high waists, making the wearer look elegant like a beautiful Korean lady. And the last is a set of spaghetti crop tops with a high waist ruffle, now this set can also combine a ruffle jumpsuit with a high waist ruffle. Surely the user of this swimsuit will be the center of attention, because the user is like a princess who is on vacation to the beach or playing in the pool.