A Simple Guide To Travel

Travel is the transfer of individuals between different distant geographic locations. Travel can be either one way, round trip or multi-day journey, done by foot, car, plane, train, boat or any other means. The term travel can also be used to refer to a group of people who ordinarily visit the same place at the same time. Travel within a country, state or province is called traveling for work, while traveling to a different country or area is called traveling for pleasure.

It can also refer to the business activity of visiting another place for business or pleasure. When people travel, they generally bring with them their personal belongings along with some necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter. Some people even take along their household effects like clothes, books, etc., and leave behind their possessions for their travelling companions to take care of. While on a trip there are many places one can visit and enjoy, but mostly people look forward to travelling within their own country or to another country where they can have a nice change of scenery and visit interesting places.


Let us now have a look at what is travel all about and how does it affect us? First and foremost, travelling means that you move from one place to another. So if we take a trip within our own country, it means that you move from city to city and hence you have to take with you your personal belongings. Your friends or family members may accompany you on your trip, but the main thing is that you have to travel all by yourself.