Backlinks Help in SEO – How Long Tail Keywords Will Pay Off

A lot of folks are asking “Do backlinks help in SEO?”. I think for the most part when you’re on the internet you want to be visible. If you’re not then you want to be visible and do backlinks. To be more specific, I think when someone searches for something on the internet they’re going to search for something that has a lot of backlinks to it so when you have a lot of backlinks to your site or blog you rank high on search engines.

When people search for things on the web they’re looking for what’s on top. So, having backlinks is like providing the top spot for that search. It’s kind of like being number one or even number two on a search engine. So what do backlinks do? They help in SEO but more specifically when people link to your site from another website they’re creating a quality backlink.

There are many ways to create quality backlinks and one way in particular is using social media. In case you didn’t know social media is the new SEO. Social media in a way is like the old SEO but way more popular. With social media you can search for certain keywords and view a picture that may be related to the keyword or a brand logo and then you can link directly from that image.

The other way backlinks are used is by having them on your website or in articles. The reasoning behind this is that search engines actually look at the links on the website and their position in the ranking. Having backlinks on a high page rank will ensure that when people do a search for a keyword that the one that pops up first is going to be your backlink because you were able to tackle them.

So now you’ve discovered why social networking is so popular, how about backlinks? If you take a look at the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, you’ll notice that almost everyone has a Facebook profile. If you do a search for a keyword relating to SEO then almost everyone’s profile page will show up. This means you do have the potential to gain a lot of links through Facebook.

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In conclusion SEO isn’t as hard as it used to be. The problem was that websites would do anything to gain higher rankings so copy-pasting and off-site linking became an accepted practice. However, there is a way in which backlinking can be used to improve your rankings in SERPs. It does require a lot of time and effort, however. For those who do their research properly backlinking can improve their rankings considerably and that’s why those who understand how to do backlinks properly are far ahead in the game when it comes to achieving successful rankings in the search engines.