Rent Stabilization Tips to Help You Find the Best Apartment

New York City Apartment Rentals are a great way to live in the Big Apple. Whether you are just renting your first apartment or you have been here for years, you will find a wide selection of apartments to choose from in NYC. There are neighborhoods like East Village,brokered by Asian and Latino immigrants, and neighborhoods like Washington Square Park in Manhattan, which is lined with shops, bars and restaurants. The Upper West Side, south of the Broadway theater area, is full of expensive buildings and trendy boutiques. You can also choose to live in neighborhoods like the South Bronx, where there are many ethnic neighborhoods.

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NYC apartments come with all kinds of amenities. They include health spas, pools, gyms, parks, playgrounds, and shopping centers, to name a few. Many apartments even have onsite parking, a rarity in today’s world. New York City landlords of City apartments make it their goal to provide quality and comfortable living options to tenants.

One of the most common requests from new or soon-to-be renters of a New York City apartment is for a free copy of the City Health Department’s inspection report for their building. In addition to this, many apartment managers ask that you bring a head to toe and show proof of your employment. If you live in a high-rise building or a high-crime neighborhood, this could be a problem. Your landlord would rather recoup the money they would lose by ensuring your safety and comfort than go through the expense of doing a health inspection on your behalf.

Unfortunately, some New York City apartment dwellers have become victims of internet scams, like those that plague Craigslist. Just like any other service or product that is popular online, scams and cons have found their way onto the Craigslist site. Now, instead of simply posting an ad for an apartment in New York City, people have resorted to posting offers or scams that are designed to get as much money as possible.

So what can you do? You may have been told not to contact apartment managers directly, but you should. Many of them are actually quite helpful and informative. Ask questions about the apartment management teams and the leasing policies. And, most important, talk to someone in the building, either the leasing agent or a property manager, if you don’t feel secure about the person who was at the door when you first moved in.

Now, there are some great online resources for helping you find great New York City apartments. Some of these sites include NYC Apartment Guide and Apartment Therapy. Both of these sites have been useful in helping me and others find the right apartment, as well as the right community. If you’re looking for rent-stabilized apartments in New York City, I highly recommend checking out these sites for some great information and useful tools.