When most people think of business cloud solutions

When most people think of business cloud solutions, they think of companies who provide software applications that are based on a virtual platform such as the Cloud or the apps store. They are popular with companies operating in certain industries where a high degree of connectivity and reliability is required, but many companies also choose to outsource their business cloud solutions to a third party service provider. Companies that use business cloud services may include health care organizations, finance departments, content publishing houses and more.

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A great advantage of using business cloud solutions is that they can accelerate innovation by providing the tools, infrastructure and the shared applications required to enable fast application delivery. The cloud models allow easy collaboration between multiple external business units and allow collaboration between workstations within the organization. This allows businesses to run more functions and reduce costs associated with managing workstations and desk locations.

In addition to their ability to accelerate innovation, multiple business cloud solutions can create real-time business value by reducing the company’s total cost of ownership for virtualized resources. Virtual private clouds provide business with greater flexibility and reduce operational costs, while enabling them to make the most of their real estate investments in the cloud. Private clouds typically include a select group of workloads supported by specialized technologies.