Passing Your Firefighter Exam Will Depend on More Than Just Your Aptitude

Firefighting is a noble profession that demands extreme self-sacrifice. However, there is a fine line between self-sacrifice and lack of knowledge. For this very reason, aspiring firefighters must first pass a test which determines their suitability for the job. Seasoned firefighters have the opportunity to judge a candidate’s dedication, bravery and potential to become a good firefighter. This is a job you have to love or you won’t last.

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However, if firefighting is your dream and you feel it to the depths of your soul then you need to be fully prepared for the firefighting exam. The first secret of passing any exam is to know what the test makers want, what they are looking for. Even though diligent study is compulsory to be able to pass the exam, there will still be some questions that elude you. If you understand how questions are structured then you will be able to make an educated guess, which is a lot better than no answer at all.

What Are the Test Makers Looking For?

The written firefighter exam is designed to test a wide range of skills and abilities, including reading comprehensions, ability to follow directions, problem-solving, memory, mechanical abilities, map reading and your memory. There will not be any questions included in the test on firefighting rules, regulations and procedures, as it is federal mandate that candidates are not tested without prior training.

The firefighter exam contains questions that have two main objectives. The first is to determine your knowledge and how much you have learned, while the second measures your development potential. Even though regulations state that you do not need to know fire regulations and procedures, job related questions are still related as a way to test your innate problem solving skills as well as your judgment and common sense.

Practice Makes Perfect

The old adage makes perfect sense, as the more practice tests you take, the more you will be able to understand the firefighting exam and what the test makers are looking for. It will also help you cement any new concepts you have learned by continuous recall and review.

What is on the Firefighter Exam?

The firefighter’s exam aims to test a number of areas such as your ability to understand and interpret information that is presented in graphs, charts, tables and diagrams. These questions are also useful in determining your capacity to follow written directions. Your mechanical inclinations will also be tested, to determine how well you understand the operation of different devices. You’re deductive reasoning will also be tested as well as your ability to interpret data to detect problems or potential problems.

One of the biggest obstacles in passing any exam, including the firefighter exam, is speed. People rush through the exam without thinking because they focus on a difficult problem, wasting too much time and then having to rush through the remaining questions. This is why it is important to leave the more difficult questions for the end of the exam, if you wish to pass the firefighter exam, that is.