What to Expect From Your Pest Control Expert

A reputable pest control business will eliminate a full range of pesky pests inside your house. They’ll deal with ants, mice, spiders, roaches, termites, wasps, and even bed bugs. These insects are the biggest cause of allergies and asthma among Americans. However, not all pest control businesses are equal. You should always ask specific questions when interviewing potential companies. Below are some of the most important to ask.

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First, find out who is certified in the use of DIY pest control methods. Some pest control companies may only be certified with an “A” rating if they use only proven techniques. An “A” rating means that they have been thoroughly trained in the safe use of diy methods. Look for a pest management company with an “A” rating.

Next, ask what types of rodents or insects the exterminator will use to get rid of your pests. Get an idea of how many different types of animals the exterminator uses. If you have several different types of animals infesting your house, ask if the exterminator uses a few different types of methods to get rid of them. For example, some exterminators may only use traps, while others may use microwaves or electric shockers to get rid of mice. Also, find out how many rats or mice the exterminator uses in one day.

Ask if the pest control methods involve the use of chemicals. Many people are allergic to certain types of chemicals, which can make it unsafe or impossible to use many common pesticides. Some chemicals require special facilities such as a facility with storage for finished products. Others are not compatible with the respiratory systems of some people. A good exterminator will explain the different chemical kinds and their hazards before using any particular pesticide.

Lastly, ask about the various ways that the pest control team may apply sprays, dusts or pesticides. Some companies use dusts that float on the ground and other companies use trucks equipped with sprayers that go directly into the infested areas. Others use foggers that release a fine mist throughout the structure of the house or around the outside. A good exterminator will discuss with you the pros and cons of each method. Some companies opt for one or more methods over others because they are more effective or safer.

It’s also important to know what exactly you can expect from your pest control team once your property has been deemed infested. Many exterminators will treat an entire structure or area of the home or building, whereas others only treat specific areas. Some use traps to trap rodents while others will only use baits and sprays. And don’t forget that some pest control companies also provide emergency services like removing mouse infestations in the night or after a storm.